About Us

Innovaid Advisory Services was established  by Emily Harrison, a young Australian woman who wanted to revolutionize the way that Celebrities, High Net-Worth Individual’s (HNWI's) and Companies ‘made a difference’ in India.

With 10 years experience in community development, working extensively at both the Local and State level of government in Australia, Emily first came to India in 2007. At that time she led a team of volunteers working on the outskirts of Ooty in Tamil Nadu. She lived with a local family, working on projects at the village school, with rural youth and women. Emily soon fell in love with India and decided to make it her home, eventually settling in Mumbai.
Today, Innovaid Advisory Services are an international group of specialist consultants who provide strategic advice and management services to celebrities, high net worth individuals and companies on their philanthropy and corporate social responsibility in India. 

With the emerging corporate focus on philanthropy and corporate social responsibility in India, and, the ever widening gap between the privileged and under privileged, Innovaid works to provide each client with an easy, trustworthy and professional mechanism, through which, to make a significant impact on the many social issues affecting India.

We can assist you in achieving your philanthropic aspirations by;
  • Setting up your own Foundation
  • Developing & Documenting your Philanthropic Strategy
  • Scaling up the reach of your Programs and Foundation, to have greater impact.
Or, we can maximise the impacts of your Corporate Social Responsibility through:
  • CSR Strategy Development
  • Setting up your own Company Foundation
  • CSR Reporting
  • CSR Communications
  • Cause Marketing Campaign

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